Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here and Now

laying here in my bed, not know what to do, what to think about, while i wallow in self-pity. hoping it would all ended, if i didn't have to feel sad, if I wasn't in this situation. could i be happy? it's not my fault, this is who i am. I'm getting sick of feeling sorry for myself, due to that loneliness, but i cant help it. every night I do the same ritual; lay down in my bed and just hope for the best. in my heart i know nothing will change i will still fell as empty as ever, maybe even more. as I'm motionless, i stare at the blank walls of my room. in reality, this is a symbol, one of myself. we both share one common characteristic; emptiness. as i go to sleep crying, i just reassure myself "it's just a dream" but i know the truth.

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